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Birthday Keys by WoodenWares

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Unique Memory Boards/Keys by WoodenWares



Why should 21-Year-Olds get the Best Birthday Memories? Give Dad or Mum something they will hang on a wall and admire and think not only of YOU who gave them this unique Gift but all the Treasured Times the Gift reminds them of.

Mark’s Turning 50, doesn’t want anything to show the world he’s 50 so let’s use the initial of his Last Name. Now he Loves Planes (aviation enthusiast) Give him a Cruise anytime and Loves his Camper Trailer and a Coke! Oh and Drives a Garbage Truck. Now smooth all this into something that Mark can put up on his wall and think “What the Best Gift EVER!”

I bet you already can think of someone turning the unforgettable 30? 40? 50? even Older!!! Maybe it’s NOT for a Birthday, maybe just a Memory Board?

How Much you ask? Can you put a Price on Memories and Love ones? Depending on the amount of Memories, the size etc I can normally do these between $180 – $460 – AfterPay Available


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