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21st Keys by WoodenWares

Unique 21st Keys by WoodenWares

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What catches your Attention? Is it the detail in the colour? The Textures from Silk, Leather or Metal keeping you Mesmerised?
As with all my Creations, I continue to push boundaries design wise and leave others way behind. I don’t do normal or Standard.

Take a close look at some of my designs, Some Fonts aren’t just normal Fonts, many of my Fonts you won’t ever see elsewhere because others won’t spend 2 or 3 hours creating a “Passport Stamp Font” just for an Air Hostess’s Name, or a Beer Glass Font for a Man that Loves his Beer. I do because your Key is more than Special to not only me but to the person your giving it to. You can see my Love of Pleasing in every job I do!

Just because it may be a 21st doesn’t always mean the Shape has to resemble a Key, I will design any shape you desire. Contact me today with your thoughts and let me Totally WoW you with my Designs. I work with Budgets between $380 and $850 with the average Keys costing less than $490 Delivered. These are for a Lifetime of Memories!

Urgent Orders? No Problem and I DON’T charge any extra!


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