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I strongly believe my philosophy of unreserved passion and commitment to creating the best I can, will result in absolute customer satisfaction.

Keys begin at $380 without a stand less this Deposit

    Upload the Design from my Gallery

    Upload the Design you would like a Price for

    Description of Requirements
    Final Key Payment will be due after Design Completion! Delivery Times and Charges can change due to Covid19


A lot of the above Questions may Help in Designing the Perfect Creation while some may seem important at the start, Design & changes may render the answers impracticable to achieve.
Eg. Your Prefered Colours, Red, Blue, if you ask for a large Flag that’s Green and Yellow then introducing another 2 colours may complicate the final look of the Key so normally I’ll focus on the Colours of the Flag so that everything relates and looks connected.  Once your Key is Designed and Approved the final payment of the Key is due before any Cutting can begin.

When Designing, especially without understanding what your vision may be, my designs may be totally different from what you expected but that’s fine as I will make the changes to suit your vision or combine my ideas with new ideas you have thought of. With “Date Required” please allow a few extra days for unseen delays.

I work with Budgets between $380 ( Existing Designs ) and $850 ( Customised Designs ) with the average Keys costing $545 Delivered. These are for a Lifetime of Memories! Rush Orders are more than welcome, all payments must be paid within 7 days after Approval of Design otherwise Delays can occur.

Changes, after the Key has been approved, cut, or, completed will require an additional amount paid upfront ranging from $50 to the full price of the Key if it has to be redone completely. Photos and images from the internet may not print as shown on your or my monitor, that’s just one of the difficulties with WYSIWYG ( What You See is What You Get ) when it comes to computers and images. While I do my best to make the Key as close to and matching any drafts given, sometimes it’s not possible when I haven’t always created those 3rd party images or colour mixes print differently. If this concerns you, please contact me and I can send you a worst-case scenario ( Draft Image compared to Actual Finished image ), in most cases the colours will be darker.


  • Key Design as Shown
  • Colours as Shown
  • Patterns as Shown
  • Names in Gold
  • No Extra Customising
  • No Draft of the Finished Key is given
  • No Returns on Customised Products
  • Colours/Patterns may look different in real life
  • All measurements are approximate
  • Key Height is around 46 cm and Width is around 40cm
  • Material is MDF
  • Courier Delivery Times can change with COVID 19 
  • Next-Day Sending is based on Sending Monday – Thursday and not to remote areas
  • Bank Payments are to be Cleared before sending unless Receipt sent
  • 4-Hour Pickup /Delivery – Must be Ordered/Paid before 12 pm to be ready by 5 pm Pickup or Express Post

I strongly believe my philosophy of unreserved passion and commitment to creating the best I can, will result in absolute customer satisfaction.


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