Car Storage – Disney Mack Version 1


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Australia’s LARGEST Model Car Storage and Original Creator – Disney Mack Truck with Trailers.

These are made to last not a cheap flimsy copy. Our Products are designed and created for Looks and Strength, not for a quick buck. We also don’t use cheap Stickers that peal off in the heat!

Our Trucks aren’t a laser cut flat piece of 3mm thin MDF like everyone else does,  we layer and sculpture our Trucks adding more detail with Thickness’s up to 16mm, not 3mm. Compare the differences!! With our Trailers, we use 12mm frames, while everyone else uses 3mm or 6mm. We don’t Lasercut the Trailers as we make them so the shelves are replaceable so your not throwing the whole Trailer away if accidents happen, costs more money doing it this way but its a far superior product which we pride ourselves in creating for you.


Closed Shelves ( Fixed Spaces ) x 4cm x 5cm  LxDxH Spaces

Truck with 1  36 Car Trailer, Length is 94cm

Truck with 2 36 Car Trailers, Length 152cm

Truck with 3 36 Car Trailers,  Length 210cm

Truck with 4 36 Car Trailers, Length 268cm

Remember you can attach around a corner ( see Other Images )


Use 3M Velcro strips (Not Supplied) for attaching to a wall.

Prevents any wall damage if removed later.

Use 4 strips vertically per item. ( Medium White 5.4kg )

Available from Woolworths, Coles or Bunnings

  • Please check your vehicle sizes before ordering to make sure they fit.
  • Colours of MDF can change and may not match any photos shown
  • Each 36 Car Trailer is 58cm x 35cm x 4cm LxHxD
  • For safety, don’t attach above Beds
  • All measurements are approximate
  • Laser-cut ( has Black Edges )
  • Model cars not included


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